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Credit Repair Services

Credit Consultation

We analyze your credit reports and work with you to identify any questionable negative items hurting your score. We’ll build a custom game plan based on your unique situation.

Credit Restoration

We dispute negative account information in your credit reports and assist with removing late payments, charge-offs, collections, liens, repossessions and more.

Credit Monitoring

We keep you informed. We automatically track and update your account balances, bills coming due and transactions every day via email and SMS alerts.

At Alpha Omega Credit Repair, we believe that having a good credit score is a necessity, not a luxury. With bad credit, you will pay higher interest rates in addition to the fees that predatory lenders charge. This money would be better spent on your family’s needs.

Along with the inflated interest rates and fees, a bad credit report can also cost:

  • Your dream home
  • Car ownership
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Business loans through respected companies
  • Attractive, high-paying jobs
  • Leases on apartments or cars
  • Retiring when you want to
  • Educational opportunities
  • Family vacation

If you can honestly say that you want to be free from all financial pressure, feel better about your credit score, or achieve higher credit limits, then give us a call. We offer an array of credit repair and restoration that are guaranteed to get your credit in the best shape it has ever been in as little as a few months. Request a consultation today.

how we can help

Financial Services

Budgeting Tools

Track your income and spending by creating a personalized budget so you can adjust in areas to have more money to enjoy, to save, or to pay off your debts!

Debt Pay Offs

Eliminate your debt faster than you ever imagined and save you from unnecessary interest payments through our strategic debt repayment guides and tools.

Identity Monitoring

We monitor your personal identifiable information in credit applications, public records, & websites for unusual activity that may be signs of identity theft.
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