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At Alpha Omega Credit Repair, we want to teach everyone about the importance of establishing and maintaining a good credit score. We believe that it's never too late to start.

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At Alpha Omega Credit Repair, we believe that having a good credit score is a necessity, not a luxury. With bad credit, you will pay higher interest rates in addition to the fees that predatory lenders charge.


Guidance: Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom

At Alpha Omega Credit Repair, we work hands-on with credit bureaus and creditors to challenge the negative report items that maybe affecting your credit score to guarantee that your credit history is up-to-date, accurate, and is an honest reflection of you. We offer 24/7 credit monitoring & alerts to keep you aware of changes. With years of credit building and restoration experience, we ensure you that we have some of the most effective credit repair methods, great reputation, testimonials and a proven track record to get your credit restored and repaired in little to no time. We offer a Free Credit Audit before we do anything. We will breakdown your entire credit report line by line looking and let you know what is hurting your credit report, what is helping your credit report and what we can do to help you improve your credit score.

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Credit Consultation

We analyze your credit reports and work with you to identify any questionable negative items hurting your score. We’ll build a custom game plan based on your unique situation.

Credit Restoration

We dispute negative account information in your credit reports and assist with removing late payments, charge-offs, collections, liens, repossessions and more.

Credit Monitoring

We keep you informed. We automatically track and update your account balances, bills coming due and transactions every day via email and SMS alerts.

Budgeting Tool

Track your income and spending by creating a personalized budget so you can adjust in areas to have more money to enjoy, to save, or to pay off your debts!

Debt Pay Offs

Eliminate your debt faster than you ever imagined and save you from unnecessary interest payments through our strategic debt repayment guides and tools.

Identity Monitoring

We monitor your personal identifiable information in credit applications, public records, & websites for unusual activity that may be signs of identity theft.

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